Question asked to Google AI BartQuestion asked to Google AI Bart

Question asked to Google AI Bard: Google AI Bard: There has been a big drop in the shares of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. Google introduced AI Bard to compete with Microsoft’s ChatGPT. But a wrong answer by AI Bard caused a loss of $ 100 billion to Google. In fact, Google AI Bard could not give the correct answer to a user’s question during the launch, let us know what the question asked to Google AI Bard.


Question asked to Google AI Bard:

Let us tell you that Google released a new promotional video for its new chatbot. In this video, Google’s AI Bard gave the wrong information, after which Google got a big blow and the company’s market cap fell by $ 100 billion. Google launched its AI chatbot to compete with its rival Microsoft Corp’s Chat GPT.

The very first show of Google AI Bard failed and after this news, there was a tremendous fall in the shares of Alphabet. Let us know which is the question asked by Google AI Bard, which Bard answered wrongly.


What is the question asked to AI Bard?

In the launching event of AI Bard, Google released a gfx advertisement while promoting its artificial intelligence chatbot. In this ad, a man asks Bard the following question.

Question: What new James Webb Space Telescope discovery can I tell my 9-year-old about?
Google’s AI Bard replied: Bard wrote This telescope took the first picture of any planet outside our solar system.

In response to this question, Bard gave two answers, the second of which turned out to be wrong. According to NASA, in the year 2004, the European Advance Telescope took pictures of planets outside the solar system of the Exoplanets Southern Observatory of Space.


Big drop in Alphabet Inc stock price

After this wrong answer, the shares of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc had a significant fall. The question of giving wrong information to Google started arising. Alphabet Inc lost $100 billion in market value due to the steep fall in its shares. Alphabet shares fell 9 percent to $99.05 per share on Wednesday.

Alphabet Inc Class A Stock Price
Alphabet Inc Class A Stock Price


Will AI chatbots be able to compete with Chat GPT?

Google’s search engine has been dominating the market for a long time. But recently Microsoft launched a new Bing search engine with ChatGPT which is becoming increasingly popular in the market. And this has become a problem for Google. Google introduced its AI Bard to compete with Microsoft’s ChatGPT but its first show failed.

Only time will tell who will take the lead in the battle between Google and Microsoft that started to dominate the search engine. But one thing is clear, after a long time, Google is feeling a threat to the kingship of its search engine.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What question did Brad get wrong?
Answer: The Question is “What new James Webb Space Telescope discovery can I tell my 9-year-old about?”

Question: What is Bard AI by Google?
Answer: Bard is Google’s artificial intelligence chatbot which is capable of answering your questions quickly.

Question: Why is Google AI named Bard?
Answer: Google AI Bard is a storyteller chatbot based on Google’s Dialog application. That’s why it was named Bard.

Question: Where can I use Bard Google?
Answer: Bard AI chatbots use the internet as a vast database of knowledge to answer questions and find information.


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