New Kia Tasman PickupNew Kia Tasman Pickup

New Kia Tasman Pickup: Famous South Korean automobile company Kia Motors has announced its entry in the C-segment pickup truck. Experts believe that New Kia Tasman will become the new boss of the pickup truck segment!


New Kia Tasman Pickup:

Kia Motors has announced the name of its first product in the Pickup segment. Kia’s new pickup will be named Tasman. Let us tell you that Kia Motors has named it Kia Tasman after being influenced by the name of Australia’s southernmost island Tasmania. Let us know the complete details of this New Kia Tasman.


All about the Kia Tasman pickup truck

This first pickup truck from Kia Motors will be introduced as an adventure, power, feature, and good-looking lifestyle pickup. Let us know the complete details of the Kia Tasman pickup truck’s design, engine, price, features, and specifications.


Kia Tasman Design:

Kia Motors has not released an official picture of its new pickup truck. However many leaked pictures are being circulated on social media. According to the report, the design of Tasman will be bold and aggressive. Hopefully, it will have some unique styling elements.


The engine of New Kia Tasman Pickup:

According to the report, that could include a 2.2-liter turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine and a hybrid powertrain. Additionally, the Kia Tasman is expected to be available with various engines such as a turbo-diesel engine for Australia and a hybrid powertrain for other markets.


Features of Tasman Pickup:

According to several leaked reports on social media, it will have several standard and optional features including a sunroof, a tow bar, and a winch. It is likely to have advanced features like lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking. Let us tell you that Kia Motors has not yet officially announced the features of Tasman.


Price of New Kia Tasman:

The price of the new Kia Tasman is expected to be competitive with other mid-size cars in the market. Let us tell you that Kia Motors has not yet officially announced the price of Tasman.


Tremendous increase in demand for pickup trucks!

Let us tell you that the demand for pickup trucks is increasing rapidly in markets around the world. Therefore, keeping in mind the needs of the customers, Kia Motors is launching a pickup truck named Tasman. According to the latest information, Kia Motors may launch Tasman in Australia first.


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