When will Tesla come to IndiaWhen will Tesla come to India

The cars of Elon Musk’s company Tesla are famous all over the world. But there is a question in the minds of the people of India When will Tesla come to India? Let’s know Tesla’s plan for 2024!


When will Tesla come to India?

Big news is coming for electric car lovers. Yes, the talks between Alan Musk and the Government of India have reached the final stage. The government is close to finalizing the new import duties. Reduction in import duty may clear the way for Tesla to come to India.

Quoting sources, the report claims that the government may offer lower import tax to Tesla for 2-3 years. According to the Company, the company will set up a manufacturing plant in India in the future and will also give a bank guarantee. Let’s know When will Tesla come to India?


Tesla will launch its first electric car in India soon!

According to media reports, the Indian government is close to finalizing the new import duties. After this, now global electric car manufacturers who manufacture electric cars priced above Rs 30 lakh will be able to sell their cars in India. Elon Musk said in June that he is considering making “significant investments” in India by 2024. Tesla is also planning to buy auto parts worth about $15 billion from India.


Where will Tesla’s plant be set up in India?

A Bloomberg report states that Tesla is planning to initially invest around $2 billion in a new plant in India. According to the report, the company can manufacture batteries here itself to keep the price of cars in India to a minimum. Although there has been no official announcement yet on where Tesla’s plant will be located in India, considering the infrastructure of Gujarat and Maharashtra, a plan to set up a plant here is being considered.


The reason for Tesla not coming to India yet!

The current import duty in India is very high. That’s why importing a car from abroad is expensive here. Let us tell you that there is a 100% import duty on cars worth more than US $ 40,000 (approximately Rs 33 lakh). And Tesla cars start from around Rs 33 lakh. The purpose of the exemption proposed by the government in import duty is to ease the path of Tesla’s India entry.


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