Big Latest FPI investment in IndiaBig Latest FPI investment in India

Latest FPI investment in India: The confidence of foreign investors has increased once again in the Indian market. Foreign investors have invested more than Rs 7600 crore in the Indian market last week. Let us know What is FPI? complete details of this Foreign Portfolio Investment and also know whether the process of decline in the Indian market will stop or not.


Latest FPI investment in India

Last week, FPIs invested over Rs 7,600 crore on a net basis in the stock market. Looking at this, it seems that the trend of Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) has once again shifted toward the Indian stock market. Investments of more than Rs 7,600 crore have been received from Janaki Depository data.

Let us tell you that earlier from February 7 to 12, FPIs had sold shares worth Rs 3,920 crore. According to experts, with the Indian market recovering from Adani’s shock, the flow of FPI has improved and the trend of FPI in Indian stock markets has increased once again.


7666 Cr. India’s Latest Foreign Portfolio Investment

Let us tell you that in the week ending February 17, FPIs bought shares worth Rs 7,666 crore on a net basis. From the beginning of January, the process of continuous selling started in India. But looking at these figures of FPI, it seems that the process of selling has now stopped.

On the other hand, some experts on the stock market believe that FPIs can sell again at higher levels. As per the data, amid a stable economy, strong macro data, and higher growth prospects, FPIs are now ready to look away from the valuation and other concerns. That’s why positivity can remain in Indian markets even further.


FPI pulled out Rs 38,524 crore from the stock market

FPIs were net sellers since the beginning of this year (till February 10). FPI’s sold shares worth Rs 38,524 crore so far this year. Let us tell you that in the month of January alone, FPI sold Rs 28,852 crore. Overall, FPIs have pulled out Rs 30,858 crore from equities on a net basis so far this year.

At present, the trend of foreign investors has increased in the Indian stock market. FPIs have infused a net of Rs 5,944 crore into the Indian debt or bond market this year. All this information has been obtained from the data of the depositories.


What is FPI?

The full form of FPI is Foreign Portfolio Investment. FPI is an investment made by an individual or organization in a company of another country. Under Foreign Portfolio Investment, the person or organization buys shares or bonds of the concerned company or provides a loan to it. FPIs are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Let us tell you that in FPI the investor is not directly involved in the management (production, marketing, etc.) of the company. In this, investors get profit in the form of dividends of shares or interest on loans.


Investors’ confidence in India remains intact!

Looking at these figures of the latest FPI investment in India, it seems that the trust of foreign investors in Indian markets remains intact, and due to this FPI investment is increasing in the Indian market. Last week’s investment of more than Rs 7600 crore is proof that there is a possibility of further investment by FPIs in the coming times.


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