Wolf 1069b ExoplanetWolf 1069b Exoplanet

Wolf 1069b Exoplanet: Scientists have discovered a planet where life could be possible. Scientists claim that human settlement can be established here. Scientists are currently doing a scientific study about the environment of this new house. Let’s know what is Wolf 1069b Exoplanet. And also know the complete information about this planet.


Wolf 1069b Exoplanet

Scientists doing space research have found an exoplanet 31 light-years away from Earth named Wolf 1069b. Scientists believe that life is possible on this new planet and humans can live there. 50 scientists from all over the world were engaged in finding Wolf 1069b Exoplanet.

Scientists told that Wolf 1069b has its own sun which is a red dwarf star. The name of the star of Wolf 1069b is Wolf 1069, around which this exoplanet is revolving. The discovery of this planet is also important because the land here is rocky and habitable.


Complete details of Wolf 1069b

Wolf 1069b Exoplanet weighs 1.26 times more than the weight of the Earth. Talking about its area, it is 1.08 times bigger than the Earth. It is making one revolution around its star in 15.6 days. Wolf 1069b is at a great distance from its Sun, so life can be possible there.

There is also the possibility of having water on Scientific Wolf 1069b. Scientists from all over the world have studied Wolf 1069b. In the study of 069B, it is clear that life is possible there. This exoplanet is 31 lightyears away from Earth.


Detail of the Sun of Wolf 1069b

This exoplanet is orbiting around its star for 15.6 days. Its star is a red dwarf much smaller than our Sun. Wolf 1069b may revolve around its star in less time but it is present at a habitable distance from the star. It produces about 65 percent less radiation than the sun, so the possibilities of life here are high.


Wolf 1069b temperature

Wolf 1069b has a minimum surface temperature of -95.15 °C and a maximum temperature of +12.85 °C. Wolf 1069b has an average temperature of -40.14 °C. That’s why life is possible on this planet even according to the temperature.
Wolf 1069b is in a locked position near its star, so there is always light on one side and complete darkness on the other. Wolf 1069b Exoplanet does not have a day-night formula like Earth. Here i.e. it can be lived in the day area.


How was Wolf 1069b discovered?

This planet has been discovered with the 11.5 feet high CARMENES telescope which is at the Calar Alto Observatory in Spain. This planet is the sixth habitable planet discovered close to Earth. Apart from this, Proxima Centauri B, GJ 1061D, Teagarden’s Star C, and GJ 1002 B and C have already been discovered. Now biosignatures are being searched on these planets so that it can be ascertained how much life is possible.


Scientists discovered more than 5200 exoplanets

So far scientists around the world have discovered more than 5200 exoplanets but only 200 are such where life can be possible. Let us tell you that it may take about ten more years to detect the existence of life on an outer planet. This study about Wolf 1069b Planet has recently been published in the Astronomy and Astrophysics Journal.


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