Muhurat Trading Multibagger Stocks 2022 to Buy TodayMuhurat Trading Multibagger Stocks 2022 to Buy Today

Muhurat Trading Multibagger Stocks: As it is considered auspicious to buy gold on Dhanteras, similarly Diwali is considered auspicious for investing in Indian stock markets. Even in this period of uncertainty, there are some stocks on which market experts are bullish. Experts believe that these stocks can give good returns to investors. Let us know which stocks are these.


Muhurat Trading Multibagger Stocks:

Diwali festival is about to come. There are many investors. Investors like to invest on this special day. Because according to the Hindu calendar, the new Samvat 2079 is starting on October 24. Actually, businessmen in India start the new year of their business from Diwali itself.

On this special day, stock market experts have told about some such stocks which can give great returns in the coming time. Therefore, you can also include these stocks in your portfolio. Let us see the complete list of Muhurat Trading Multibagger Stocks 2022 to Buy Today.


List of Multibagger Stocks on Muhurat Trading

On Monday, there will be a one-hour special trading session ‘Muhurat Trading 2022’ on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) on Diwali. On the day of Diwali, the market opens for one hour on Muhurta trading. Let us see the list of Muhurat Trading Multibagger Stocks recommended by experts.


Top 10 Multibagger Stocks to Buy on Muhurat Trading

Contact Country
1 United Spirits
2 Mold-Tek Packaging
3 Federal Bank
4 HDFC Bank Limited
6 Sumitomo Chemical
7 Bank of Baroda
8 Shineizer Electric
9 Whirlpool of India Limited
10 Banks, Capital Goods, Manufacturing Sector


1- United Spirits:

These shares are currently close to Rs 824. Experts have given it a buy tag with a target of Rs 987.


2-Mold-Tek Packaging:

This stock is currently trading near Rs 872. SBI Securities expects a gain of 21 percent. Experts have advised buying it with a target of 999.


3- Federal Bank:

The stock of Federal Bank is currently trading at Rs 130. Experts have given a target of Rs 180.


4- HDFC Bank Limited:

The share of HDFC is trading at around 1,439. Experts have given a ‘buy tag’ with a target price of Rs 1,705.


5- ITC:

This stock is trading near Rs 332. It has been given a ‘buy tag’ by SBI Securities with a target price of Rs 405.


6- Sumitomo Chemical:

According to experts, this stock can touch the target price of Rs 596. Right now it is running around Rs 509.


7- Bank of Baroda:

The stock of the Bank of Baroda is currently trading near Rs 131. The expert recommends buying with a target of Rs 175.


8- Shineizer Electric:

This stock is trading at Rs.174. LKP Securities has given a buy call with a target of Rs 236.


9- Whirlpool of India Limited:

Its stock is currently running around Rs 1615. SBI Securities has given a buy tag to Whirlpool of India Ltd with a target of Rs 1895, expecting 21 percent growth.


10- Banks, Capital Goods, Manufacturing Sector:

According to experts, the performance of shares of companies related to banks, capital goods, and the manufacturing sector is expected to be good. Along with this, interesting opportunities can also be found in Tech and Pharma sectors.


What is Muhurat Trading?

Even though there is a holiday in the Indian stock market on Diwali, on this day the market still opens for an hour. The tradition of special trading in the stock market on the auspicious occasion of Diwali is very old, which is known as Muhurat Trading. The market is specially opened for this trading on the day of Diwali.


The Complete History of Muhurat Trading!

The tradition of Muhurat trading for one hour on the day of Diwali in the Indian stock market is more than five decades old. Muhurat trading was first started on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in 1957.

Later on, this tradition was started in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) also in 1992. Most people prefer to buy shares on this day in Muhurat trading. Muhurat trading takes place in Equity, Equity Futures and Options, Currency, and Commodity markets, all three.


When is Muhurat Trading 2022?

This year 2022 Diwali is on 24th October. Therefore, Muhurat trading can be done in the market on this day from 6.15 to 7.15 minutes. Let us tell you that there will be a pre-open trading session from 6 pm to 6.10 pm. During Muhurat Trading, in this one hour, investors follow the old tradition of the market by making their small investments.


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Disclaimer: Investments in the securities market are subject to market risks. Be sure to ask your financial advisor before buying a stock.