Multibagger penny stocks for 2022Multibagger penny stocks for 2022

Multibagger penny stocks for 2022: Today the number of new investors is increasing in the stock market. The maximum number of new investors who are joining the stock market are young investors. Now there is only one thing in the mind of new investors, how to get good returns from the share market as soon as possible. People do a lot of research to get better returns from the share market. That’s why today we have brought you a list of Top 25 Multibagger Penny Stocks for 2022 which have great earning opportunities!


Multibagger penny stocks for 2022

The biggest question in the mind of investors especially new and young investors is that how to choose good and earning stocks. So let me tell you that for this good research is needed. Today we have brought for you 25 such stocks whose volume is very high and their price is very low. In this year 2022, you too can make good money by investing or trading in these multibagger penny stocks. So let’s see the list of Multibagger penny stocks for 2022


TOP 25 Multibagger penny stocks

1 Vikas Ecotech
2 KBC Global
3 Ujjivan Small
4 Rattan Power
6 PC Jeweller
7 Jaypee Infra
8 Dish TV
9 Rel Capital
10 Shriram EPC
11 Zee Learn
12 Reliance Comm
13 GTL
14 HCL Info
15 Lloyds Steels
16 Orient Green
17 Shyam Century
18 SBC Exports
19 Madhav Infra Pr
20 Urja Global
21 FCS Software
22 PTC India Fin
23 Alankit
24 MSP Steel
25 Andhra Cement


Detail List of the Best 25 Multibagger Penny Stocks for 2022

Today, for the sake of stock market investors and intraday traders, we have brought the list of Multibagger Multibagger Stocks of 2022 with complete details. This list contains full details of all 25 stocks including 52 week high and low level information, their script name, Mkt cap, work area etc. So let’s see the list of best 25 Multibagger Penny Stocks for 2022.


1- Vikas Ecotech
Work Area: Chemicals company
Mkt cap: 610.16Cr
52-wk high: 6.90
52-wk low: 1.00

2- KBC Global
Work Area: Energy and Chemical Industry
Mkt cap: 864.08Cr
P/E ratio: 30.87
Div yield: 0.071%
52-wk high: 18.90
52-wk low: 13.80

3- Ujjivan Small
Work Area: small finance bank
Mkt cap: 2.86TCr
52-wk high: 38.35
52-wk low: 16.50

4- Rattan Power
Work Area: Electric power distribution company
Mkt cap: 2.82TCr
52-wk high: 9.70
52-wk low: 2.40

Work Area: International Ship Operator
BOM: 542753
Mkt: cap –
52-wk high: 26.50
52-wk low: 11.60

6- PC Jeweller
Work Area: jeweller Brand
Mkt cap: 907.54Cr
52-wk high: 32.95
52-wk low: 19.35

7- Jaypee Infra
Work Area: infrastructure development company
Mkt cap: 430.57Cr
52-wk high: 4.85
52-wk low: 1.40

8- Dish TV
Work Area: broadcast satellite service provider
Mkt cap: 2.67TCr
52-wk high: 23.35
52-wk low: 8.70

9-  Rel Capital
Work Area: financial services holding company
Mkt cap: 316.40Cr
52-wk high: 30.65
52-wk low: 9.30

10- Shriram EPC
Work Area: Construction engineering company
Mkt cap: 748.08Cr
52-wk high: 12.45
52-wk low: 3.80

11-  Zee Learn
Work Area: education provides
Mkt cap 420.66Cr
52-wk high: 20.60
52-wk low: 9.75

12- Reliance Comm
Work Area: mobile network provider
Mkt cap: 823.28Cr
52-wk high: 5.05
52-wk low: 1.50

13- GTL
Work Area: Network Services company
Mkt cap: 239.88Cr
P/E ratio: 0.30
52-wk high: 31.65
52-wk low: 4.80

13- HCL Info
Work Area: computer related services company
Mkt cap: 594.22Cr
P/E ratio: 133.61
52-wk high: 31.30
52-wk low: 7.95

15- Lloyds Steels
Work Area: Engineering services company
Mkt cap: 1.20TCr
P/E ratio: 345.63
52-wk high: 28.80
52-wk low: 0.90

16- Orient Green
Work Area: Hydroelectric power generation company
Mkt cap: 822.04Cr
52-wk high: 28.45
52-wk low: 1.80

17- Shyam Century
Work Area: Iron & Steel sector
Mkt cap: 395.47Cr
P/E ratio: 13.70
52-wk high: 21.80
52-wk low: 5.00

18- SBC Exports
Work Area: Garment exporter in Uttar Pradesh
Mkt cap: 65.85Cr
52-wk high: 20.86
52-wk low: 6.51

19- Madhav Infra Pr
Work Area: Construction engineering company
BOM: 539894
Mkt cap: 140.67Cr
P/E ratio: 6.22
52-wk high: 8.22
52-wk low: 3.90

20- Urja Global
Work Area: integrated Solar Power Company
Mkt cap: 766.36Cr
P/E ratio: 436.15
52-wk high: 33.40
52-wk low: 5.10

21- FCS Software
Work Area: IT service management company
Mkt cap: 613.69Cr
52-wk high: 8.30
52-wk low: 0.60

22- PTC India Fin
Work Area: Financial Services provider
Mkt cap: 1.04TCr
P/E ratio: 16.05
52-wk high: 25.95
52-wk low: 15.75

23- Alankit
Work Area: IT service management company
Mkt cap: 198.00Cr
P/E ratio: 23.23
Div yield: 1.44%
52-wk high: 27.20
52-wk low: 12.65

24- MSP Steel
Work Area: Iron and steel mills company
Mkt cap: 433.59Cr
P/E ratio: 23.91
52-wk high: 18.90
52-wk low: 7.00

25- Andhra Cement
Work Area: Cement Manufacturing Company
Mkt cap: 396.25Cr
52-wk high: 37.50
52-wk low: 5.20


FAQs: Multibagger penny stocks

Q: What are penny stocks?
Ans: Penny stocks are the low price stocks with a good earning opportunity in this. These companies are with mostly low market capitalization.

Q: Is it safe to invest in Multibagger penny stocks for 2022:
Ans: If you invest wisely in the stock market, then your money remains safe. Your money in the share market is subject to market risks.

Q: How much can I earn from Multibagger penny stocks?
Ans: There is no limit to the returns from penny stocks. Many penny stocks in the market have given returns of up to 2000 percent. but hare market is subject to market risks.

Q: What is a Multibagger Stock?
Ans: multibagger stocks’ are stocks that give multiple returns on their investment. The term multibagger was first used by Peter Lynch in his book One Up on Wallstreet.


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