Jio Short Video AppJio Short Video App

Jio Short Video App: YouTube is the king of the whole world as a short video and long video streaming provider. But now the reign of YouTube and Instagram is going to end soon in India. Yes, Jio is preparing to enter the short video segment. Let us tell you that Jio is soon going to introduce an OTT service platform along with a short video app. Know the Full Details of the Launch Date and Feature.


Jio Short Video App:

Users will be able to watch online videos on Jio Short Video App like Youtube Short and Instagram Reel. On this application of Jio, users can create and post their short videos. Creators can also earn a lot by uploading their videos on this new short video platform of Jio. With Jio entering the short video market, the monopoly of YouTube and Instagram may end.

On this new Short Video Platform of Jio, you will be able to enjoy IPL matches, new movies, short videos, web series as well as many live shows. For this, you have to download the application of Jio. Let us know the complete details of the launch date and features of Jio’s short video platform.


Feature of Jio Short Video Platform

Let us tell you that users will get many features on this Jio Short Video App of Jio like Youtube shorts and Instagram reels. Jio short video app will not have paid algorithm like other platforms. Ranking in this will be done through organic methods. It will have silver, blue and red ticks for verification.

This application will have entertainment-based content. It cannot be used as a paid promotion. There will be a Book Now button on the Creators profile. Creators will be given premium verification. Creators can also earn money by monetizing themselves through in-app bookings. This can prove to be a great application for new users and creators.


Launch Date of Jio Short Video Platform

Let us tell you that this Short Video App of Jio is ready for making and its beta testing is going on. The concerned authorities have expressed hope that by January 2023 this short video app will be made live. Let us tell you that all creators including singers, musicians, actors, comedians, and fashion designers will be able to participate on this platform Jio.


Name Jio Short Video App

Let us tell you that the name of Jio’s new short video streaming service has not been revealed yet. Jio has developed this application together with Rolling Stone India and Creative Island Asia. Currently, the beta testing of this app is going on and it is not yet live for all users. Even before the launch of this short video platform, Jio started associating singers, musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, and other content creators with them.


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