what is depression symptoms cause treatmentwhat is depression symptoms cause treatment

If you or any of your relatives are also suffering from depression, then the question will arise in your mind what is depression? Why does depression happen? How to recognize depression? Ways to avoid depression. How is it different from sadness? When to go to the doctor, after which symptoms appear, it can be dangerous to avoid it, does the medicine never stop? So today we will tell you the A to Z of depression.


What is depression?

Depression is a mental problem. Tension, nervousness, mood off, or sadness, all these are symptoms of depression. These come and go every day, but if feelings like unhappiness, sadness, helplessness, and hopelessness persist for a few days to a few months and make the person unable to carry on with his routine normally, then it can be a sign of depression.


Symptoms of depression

Tension, nervousness, mood off, or sadness, all these symptoms keep coming and going in life. They can come several times a day. The process of their coming and going goes on. But due to these reasons, our work, our routine, our body language, and our energy level in body are usually not affected much.

When such emotions come and stay and start making their home in someone’s mind, then there is a problem. Due to this our normal work starts getting affected or the level of sadness increases so much that it seems that nothing can be done right now, there is no feeling to talk to anyone at all. If the mind is completely removed from all those things in which there was a lot of interest earlier, then these are the symptoms of depression.


How does depression happen?

There are some neurotransmitters to carry messages to our brain. The most important of these is serotonin. It also regulates our mood. Not only this, but it also transmits the message of the brain to our digestive system. It is believed that its deficiency can lead to depression. Lack of serotonin also disturbs sleep. Usually, medicine is given to increase this.


Serotonin and Dopamine are responsible for depression!

In addition to serotonin, other neurotransmitters also play an important role. One such neurotransmitter is dopamine. It originates from our mid-brain. It is also called the happy hormone. When there is a deficiency of this hormone, we usually start feeling depressed. Similarly, other neurotransmitters are hormones that control our emotions. When their levels start decreasing, then a state of depression can be formed. On the basis of which part of the brain these hormones are coming out and how much they are decreasing, symptoms also emerge in the patient of depression.


Causes of Depression

Although there can be many reasons for depression, according to expert doctors, the following are the main causes of depression.

  • Genetic means that someone in the family has had it before.
  • An event after which it seems that nothing can be done now.
  • The void created by the passing of someone close cannot be filled.
  • After a loss in job or business, it seems that now I may not be able to recover from it.


Category of Depression

Depending on the symptoms and their severity, depression can be divided into 3 categories.

  1. mild depression
  2. moderate depression
  3. severe depression


1- Mild Depression:

This can be called the beginning of depression. This is where the need for a doctor comes from. Usually, there is no need to start the medicine. Its main symptoms are as follows.

  • Try to dominate the sadness, but it can not be completed.
  • Have poor sleep, but still sleep for a few hours.
  • The everyday routine started getting affected.
  • There was more or less hunger.
  • He started losing his mind on the things he liked.
  • The complaint of headache also starts.
  • Thoughts of suicide started coming in my mind.
  • It started getting irritated very quickly.
  • The desire for sex is greatly reduced.
  • Get inclined towards drugs.


2- Moderate Depression:

In moderate depression, the symptoms tend to be severe. In such a situation, going to the doctor becomes very important. Its main symptoms are as follows.

  • Every day’s work should be completely disturbed.
  • He talks, but may not be able to do his official work.
  • Sleeping positions can be worse.
  • There is no appetite at all or it starts feeling very much.
  • There was a desire to harm oneself or commit suicide.
  • Leaving everything and starting to feel like running away somewhere.
  • Quickly started getting irritated or at times even violent.
  • He started running away from talking.
  • The desire for sex should be negligible.
  • Depression may lead to addiction.


3- Severe Depression:

These are the stages beyond moderate depression. In severe depression, the patient’s condition becomes very serious. Its main symptoms are as follows.

  • Didn’t feel like doing anything.
  • He started separating himself from all his favorite work.
  • Professional life is almost over.
  • The energy level reaches zero.
  • Lived without eating food.
  • Loss of desire for sex.
  • harm himself or attempt suicide.
  • Get addicted.
  • Feeling Hopeless, Helpless, and Worthless.


Ways to avoid depression

Most diseases can be prevented before they become serious if the symptoms are taken care of. Try to fix your routine. Keep yourself busy as far as you can. In this situation, a change in lifestyle can be done with your own efforts. See a psychiatrist if the problem persists.


Depression Treatment:

The biggest thing is that all types of depression are completely curable. It can start with counseling and if there are more problems than sugar and BP, it can be managed with medication and lifestyle changes. While getting treatment for depression, keep the following things in mind.

  • Follow everything the psychiatrist says.
  • Never miss a medicine. Don’t miss even once.
  • If the medicine is not taken then the symptoms of the disease will reappear.
  • Never stop the medicine on your own.
  • If it seems that you are completely cured, yet the doctor is giving medicine, then eat the medicine.
  • Because depression can come back after some time.
  • Therapies like ECT and RTMS also have to be given to some people.


Ayurvedic treatment for depression:

Yoga and meditation are an important part of Ayurvedic treatment for depression. With the right guidelines, treatment of depression is possible with yoga and meditation. Ayurvedic medicines are also available for Ayurvedic treatment. What will be the number of medicines, and for how long the medicine is to be given, it will depend on how the symptoms are and due to which these symptoms have come in the patient.

Brahmi, Jatamansi, Shankhpushpi, Ashwagandha, etc. are used in the treatment of depression. Medicines are made from them. Ashwagandharishta, Saraswatarishta is prepared. Herbal wine is also used in the treatment of depression. Shirodhara is also beneficial. In this, Jatamansi or other things are mixed in sesame oil, etc. Then the stream is poured on the head for 45 minutes.


Effects of depression:

Because the food gets disturbed in it. The routine is completely disturbed. Therefore our immunity also decreases. Other vitamins and minerals are also reduced in the body. If there is any other disease along with depression, then the possibility of its progression increases because the medicines are not taken at the right time. They are also unable to take care of the food. If treatment is not done properly, then the patients with depression can become a burden on the family and society.


FAQ: What is Depression?

Q: Do all depression patients need medication?
Ans: When the problem of depression is due to internal reasons like deficiency of neurotransmitters then medication is needed in the treatment.

Q: Do those who look happy also have depression?
Ans: People who are happy are usually less prone to depression, but it is not a guarantee. If this happiness is superficial and artificial, then even those who look happy can be a victim of depression.

Q: How do I know if someone has depression?
Ans: Most people come to know that everything is not normal with them. His routine has changed.

Q: Can children also go into depression?
Ans: The problem of depression is less seen in children, but such cases do happen. Especially in children whose parents fight with each other more.

Q: At what age is the problem of depression more visible?
Ans: The problem of depression is seen more after 60 years i.e. retirement. It is more in women than in men.

Q: Can tension turn into depression?
Ans: It is not like that at all. Everyone has tension or stress or nervousness, but only a few people have depression.


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