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Railway Service Charge News: The Ministry of Railways has issued a circular recently. It has been told that those who have not booked food in premium trains in advance will no longer be charged a service charge in trains. Due to this decision of the Ministry of Railways, where there is enthusiasm among the passengers, the same experts are considering it as a trick of the Railways. Let us know the full details of this news.


Railway Service Charge News:

According to a circular issued by the Railway Board Tourism and Catering Directorate, now service charges will not be charged in premium trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto, Vande Bharat, and Tejas Express. The central government has already shown strictness on charging service charges separately in hotels or restaurants.

On July 4, the Department of Consumer Affairs issued an order that it was unfair to demand a service charge. Therefore, no such service charge should be levied by any hotel or restaurant, or any other institution. Now taking a big decision, the Ministry of Railways has decided to remove the service charge on the food items on the train.


The cleverness of the railway is clearly visible!

Let us tell you that even though the Railways has decided to remove the service charge on the food items, in this decision also the cleverness of the Railways is reflected. Earlier, the railways used to charge a separate service charge of Rs 50 on food items, but now it has increased the prices of other items except tea.

Now service charge has been added to the cost of those goods. Meaning that tea will now be available for 20 rupees. But, the lunch or dinner which was earlier available for Rs 185 has been reduced to Rs 235. The breakfast which was earlier available for Rs 105 will now be available for Rs 155. It is clear that now the price of those goods has increased by Rs 50.


What was the earlier rule regarding service charges?

If a person does not book food in advance on a train like Rajdhani or Shatabdi Express and he demands miles or tea etc. during the journey, it will be supplied to him. But for every mile, the passenger will have to pay an additional Rs 50 as a service charge.


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