100-Bagger stocks List100-Bagger stocks List

100-Bagger Stock List: Every investor in the stock market aspires to get a Multibagger stock and become rich quickly. The term ‘100-bagger’ is very popular in the stock market. This means that the investor will get 100 times the return. Let us know what should be the strategy to get a 100% Bagger Return.


100-Bagger Stock List:

There is no dearth of 100-bagger shares in India. There are dozens of companies that have given returns of more than 100 times to their investors. There are many such stocks including Infosys, Titan, HDFC Bank, and Asian Paints in which investors’ money has increased 100 times. Let us know the 100-Bagger Stock List which can give you returns of more than 100 times.


Top 10 100-Bagger Stock for 2023

Today we are going to put in front of you the list of 10 100-Bagger Stock of the future (As per Jason Donville in the book 100 baggers by Christoper Mayer, owners with skin in the game.)


1- Name of Stock: Lesha Industries
P/E: 169.03
Mar Cap: 120.01 Cr.
Div Yld: 0.00%
YOY Quarterly Profit Growth: 1033.33


2- Name of Stock: Samrat Pharma
P/E: 8.85
Mar Cap: 226.80 Cr.
Div Yld: 0.00%
YOY Quarterly Profit Growth: 886.32


3- Name of Stock: Swiss Military
P/E: 121.96 Cr.
Mar Cap: 455.12
Div Yld: 0.00%
YOY Quarterly Profit Growth: 650.00


4- Name of Stock: Sh.Global Trad.
P/E: 4.39
Mar Cap: 712.37 Cr.
Div Yld: 3.61%
YOY Quarterly Profit Growth: 626.43


5- Name of Stock: S & T Corporation.
P/E: 160.30
Mar Cap: 189.15 Cr.
Div Yld: 0.00%
YOY Quarterly Profit Growth: 555.56


6- Name of Stock: Lancer Container.
P/E: 20.53
Mar Cap: 746.63 Cr.
Div Yld: 0.07%
YOY Quarterly Profit Growth: 366.93


7- Name of Stock: Suraj
P/E: 29.88
Mar Cap: 137.71 Cr.
Div Yld: 0.00%
YOY Quarterly Profit Growth: 357.78


8- Name of Stock: Welspun Investment.
P/E: 39.82
Mar Cap: 100.75 Cr.
Div Yld: 0.00%
YOY Quarterly Profit Growth: 300.00


9- Name of Stock: DE Nora India.
P/E: 20.63
Mar Cap: 367.81 Cr.
Div Yld: 0.15%
YOY Quarterly Profit Growth: 293.83


10- Name of Stock: AMD Industries.
P/E: 10.58
Mar Cap: 166.41 Cr.
Div Yld: 0.00 %
YOY Quarterly Profit Growth: 270.61


100-Bagger Stock Listening Formula!

Investors can use this formula in several ways. In this formula, r denotes annual return and t denotes the year. You can also find out from this formula how long it will take you to multiply your amount by 100 times at a given return.

  • For example, if you want to make your Rs 1 lakh into Rs 1 crore in 30 years, you would need an annual return of 16.6 percent.
  • If you are getting a 12 percent return, then your one lakh rupees will become one crore in 40.6 years.
  • Similarly, at an annual return of 15%, it will take you 33 years to multiply your investment 100 times.
  • If you want to multiply your money 100 times in 11 years, you need to identify an investment that gives up to 50% returns every year during this period.


Keep an eye on small companies

It is easier for small companies to become 100-baggers than for large companies. It is easier because of the company’s low base. We have to focus more on those companies whose m-cap is less than 5000 crores or maybe less than 3000 crores.


Need to be patient

Research by Christopher Meyer concluded that it takes an average of 26 years for a company to become a 100-bagger company. So you start investing early. Patience will be an important factor in your success.


Focus on Price Earning Multiple

Merely increasing the EPS is not enough. An increasing price earning multiple is also necessary. Above all, the earning potential of a company should increase. This is usually seen in fast-growing or new companies. Look for companies and sectors that are likely to move above the PE multiple.


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Disclaimer:  Our aim is only to give you information. We do not give any kind of investment advice. Investment in the securities market is subject to market risks, Be sure to ask your financial advisor before buying a stock.