Indian Women Team Win Gold In Lawn BowlsIndian Women Team Win Gold In Lawn Bowls

Indian Women Team Win Gold In Lawn Bowls: Indian women have created history. The Indian women’s lawn balls team won the gold medal in the lawn balls force event of the Commonwealth Games. This is the first time that any Indian women’s team has won a gold medal in lawn balls.


Indian Women Team Win Gold In Lawn Bowls:

Indian Women’s Lawn Bowls team defeated South Africa 17-10 to win the gold medal. This is India’s first gold in the lawn bowls event of the Commonwealth Games. This feat was accomplished by the Indian women’s team of four players in the title match of the women’s force event on Tuesday.

The Indian team reached the final of the women’s force format for the first time in the Commonwealth Games. Indian women won the fourth gold for India by waving the flag in this unknown game for the Indians. The Indian Women’s Lawn Bowls team defeated New Zealand 16-13 in the semi-finals.


Indian Women Lawn Bowls Team Players:

Let us know about the four players in the Indian women’s team who made a historic performance in the Commonwealth Games, and who made India proud.

  1. Lovely Choubey (Lead),
  2. Pinky (second),
  3. Nayanmoni Sekia (Third)
  4. Roopa Rani Tirkey (Skip)

After reaching the title match, an emotional Roopa Rani said, ‘We just cannot express our feeling in words. We took the challenge as a team and our journey will not end here.


Players also remembered Mahendra Singh Dhoni!

Roopa Rani had said, ‘We have to play the same game against South Africa and do what we have never done before.’

Lovely Choubey (Lead) says that Dhoni also occasionally comes to the field during practice in Ranchi. He knows a lot about lawn ball.

Lovely Choubey said, ‘Dhoni sir knows our coach in Ranchi and has also come on the field twice. When he goes to the temple of Devi Mata, he also comes to our ground. She said that when he goes to Australia, he plays lawn ball.


PM Modi congratulates Lawn Bowls Team Players!

Historic win in Birmingham! India is proud of Lovely Choubey, Pinki Singh, Nayanmoni Saikia, and Rupa Rani Tirkey for bringing home the prestigious Gold in Lawn Bowls. The team has demonstrated great dexterity and their success will motivate many Indians toward Lawn Bowls.


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