What is Apple SportsWhat is Apple Sports

Apple released a free new sports app for tracking sports on Wednesday to become a major provider of sports content and news. Know What is Apple Sports? See the full Details here!


Apple Sports:

iPhone manufacturer Apple Inc. has moved into sports in recent years by buying rights and airing Major League. Apple released a new sports app on the first day of the Major League Soccer season called Apple Sports. Apple Sports won’t come pre-installed on iPhones, it’s tightly integrated with Apple’s Services. Let’s Know What is Apple Sports.


What is Apple Sports?

Apple released a free new sports app for iPhone users called Apple Sports. Now iPhone Users can track sports scores, sports content, and news through the Apple Sports app. Apple designed the app to be fast and simple for multiple quick checks per day. Users in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. can download it on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.


Apple’s big step in the field of sports!

Apple services chief Eddy Cue said Apple Sports will stand out from other sports scores apps because Apple doesn’t represent a team or league and isn’t incentivized to engage users for long sessions. It’s Apple’s latest effort to become a major provider of sports content and news.


Which leagues does Apple Sports support?

Following is the list of leagues Apple says it will support:

  1. MLB
  2. NFL
  3. NCAA Football
  4. WNBA
  5. MLS
  6. NBA
  7. NCAA basketball
  8. NHL
  9. Bundesliga
  10. LaLiga
  11. Liga MX
  12. Ligue 1
  13. Premier League
  14. Serie A


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