How to get SBI ATM franchiseHow to get SBI ATM franchise

How to get SBI ATM franchise: SBI Franchise: If you want to do your own employment then you can earn handsome every month by taking SBI ATM Franchise. Before taking the State Bank of India ATM Franchise, you also need to know about some conditions. Let us know how to apply for SBI ATM franchise?


How to get SBI ATM franchise?

With SBI ATM franchise, you can start your business and earn up to Rs 50000 a month sitting at home. The special thing about this business is that it is a very safe way to earn. Let us tell you that no bank charges ATMs from their side. It is imposed by third-party companies. Let us know how to get SBI ATM franchise and its eligibility criteria.


Eligibility criteria for taking SBI ATM franchise:

If you want to take the franchise of SBI ATM, then it is necessary for you to fulfill all the conditions mentioned below.

  • 50-80 square feet of space is required for franchising SBI ATM.
  • It is mandatory to have installed ATMs on the ground floor instead.
  • The roof of the ATM building should be of concrete
  • There is a minimum distance of 100 meters between you and other SBI ATMs
  • 24 hours power supply will have to be arranged in the ATM room.
  • There should be a facility of about 300 transactions per day.
  • There should be a no-objection certificate from the local authority where you want to take SBI ATM franchise.


Document Needed for SBI ATM franchise:

To take the franchise of SBI ATM, it is mandatory to have all the documents given below. In case of non-availability of documents, you may be ineligible.

  • Aadhaar Card for ID Proof
  • Pan Card, Voter Card
  • Ration card for address proof
  • Electricity bill
  • Photocopy of bank account and passbook
  • Passport size photograph
  • an e-mail id
  • Phone number
  • GST number
  • Financial documents


How to apply for SBI ATM Franchise?

Let us tell you that the franchise of SBI ATM is given by some private companies. You can apply online by visiting the official website of those private companies giving franchises. You can apply for your ATM by logging in online on the websites of all these companies. Let us know the names of companies giving franchisees of SBI ATM.


SBI ATM Franchise official website:

Tata Indicash, Muthoot ATM, and India One ATM have a contract to install SBI ATMs mainly in India. You can apply by visiting the official website of these companies. The following is the website of companies setting up ATMs.

Tata Indicash:
Muthoot ATM:
India One ATM:


How much investment is required to install SBI ATM?

To take the franchise of SBI ATM, you have to pay a security deposit of 2 lakhs which is fully refundable. Apart from the security deposit of 2 lakhs, you will have to deposit Rs 3 lakhs as working capital. In this way, the total investment in setting up an SBI ATM is Rs 5 lakh.


How much does SBI’s ATM Franchise earn?

Rs 8 is available for every cash transaction done from ATM and Rs 2 for non-cash transactions. If 275 transactions are done daily through your ATM, out of which 65 percent are cash transactions and 35 percent are non-cash transactions, then your monthly income will be close to 50 thousand rupees. At the same time, for doing 500 transactions daily, you will get a commission of about 80-90 thousand.


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