8th Pay Commission Latest News date salary8th Pay Commission Latest News date salary

8th Pay Commission Latest News: Gradually the demand for the 8th Pay Commission is gaining momentum all over the country. Meanwhile, the big news is coming out for the central employees. If sources are to be believed, the government can soon take a big decision regarding the Eighth Pay Commission. Let us know after the implementation of this commission, know how much the salary will increase?


8th Pay Commission Latest News:

At present, the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission for central employees are applicable across the country. But still, there is a complaint from the central employees that they are not getting the salary as recommended.

Employee’s unions say that they are preparing a memorandum demanding to bring in the 8th Pay Commission, which will soon be submitted to the central government, and demand for an increase in salary will be made as per the recommendations.


What is the fitment factor?

Let us tell you that the fitment factor has a big role in determining the salary. There has been a demand from the government employees to revise the fitment factor for a long time.

Based on the fitment factor, the revised basic pay is calculated from the old basic pay, and the new salary is decided. The fitment factor is an important recommendation in the Pay Commission report. On this basis, the salary increase is decided.


8th pay commission salary slab

According to media reports, central employees’ organizations say that at present, the minimum wage limit is Rs 18,000. In this, a lot of prominences have been given to the fitment factor in the increment. In the 7th Pay Commission, it was recommended to keep the fitment factor up to 3.68 times.

At present, the Fitment Factor is 2.57 times. However, if the fitment factor is increased to 3.68 times, then the minimum wage of the employees will increase from Rs 18 thousand to Rs 26 thousand.


Basic salary may increase up to Rs 8000:

The minimum salary of central employees from Pay-Level Matrix 1 can start from Rs 26,000. According to the 8th Pay Commission Latest News, there will be an increase in salary till Pay Matrix Level-18. In this way, an increase of Rs 8000 is possible in the basic salary of central employees.


Date of 8th pay commission:

If we see the previous trend of the pay commission, then pay commission is implemented every 8-10 years. A major reason for the delay in the coming of the 8th Pay Commission is that the Lok Sabha elections are also due in 2024.

And in such a situation, no political party will take the risk of angering the central employees. It is being said that the 8th Pay Commission will be implemented from January 1, 2026.


Government can bring a new salary increment system!

Some experts believe that now the new pay commission will not come. Instead, the government is going to implement such a system, which will automatically increase the salary of government employees.

The government is contemplating introducing an ‘automatic wage revision system’. In this system, the salary will be automatically revised if the DA is more than 50 percent. If this happens, then 68 lakh central government employees and 52 lakh pensioners will get its direct benefit.

Let us tell you that the government has not yet taken any final decision on the ‘Automatic Wage Revision System’. When the government takes a decision on this, it will be made official by issuing a notification.


Past Pay Commissions Fitment Factor & Salary Hike:

Let us know the complete information about Salary Increase and Minimum Pay Scale in all the previous pay commissions implemented in our country.

  • 4th Pay Commission
    Fitment Factor: –
    Salary Increase: 27.6%
    Minimum Pay Scale: Rs 750


  • 5th Pay Commission
    Fitment Factor: –
    Salary Increment: 31%
    Minimum Pay Scale: Rs 2,550


  • 6th Pay Commission
    Fitment Factor: 1.86 times
    Salary Increase: 54%
    Minimum Pay Scale: Rs.7,000


  • 7th Pay Commission
    Fitment Factor: 2.57 times
    Salary Increment: 14.29%
    Minimum Pay Scale: Rs 18,000


  • 8th Pay Commission
    Fitment Factor: 3.68 times (Approximate)
    Increment: 8000 (Approximate)
    Minimum Pay Scale: 26000 (Approximate)


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