What is laser angioplasty?What is laser angioplasty?

What is laser angioplasty: Heart attack cases have increased since Kovid all over the world. At present, many cases of heart attack are coming to the fore even at a young age. Some are having heart attacks while playing and some while dancing. In such a situation, it is important to know whether it can be avoided even without incisions and stents. Know the laser angioplasty procedure.


What is laser angioplasty?

Laser angioplasty is a technique that burns away plaque or clots in an artery. This technique makes angioplasty easier for the patient. After removing a part of the plaque or clot, a stent can be easily placed in the affected part of the artery. In many cases, there is no need to place a stent in the artery of the heart. According to cardiologists, there are other ways to remove the blockage of arteries but the laser method is the easiest.


Laser angioplasty procedure

Laser angioplasty helps doctors when the case is complicated or a patient develops a narrowing of an artery previously treated with a stent. Laser bursts are used to vaporize the clot. Laser angioplasty also helps patients who need to stent a long segment or who have narrow blood vessels. Currently, the laser is only for one of the patients with complex obstruction, not for every patient.


The full cost of laser angioplasty

Laser angioplasty is an expensive procedure. The laser procedure alone costs 1.5 to 2.5 lakh rupees. Rakesh is now taking blood thinners to keep his heart condition under control. The doctor said that the biggest advantage of laser angioplasty is that stents are not required in many patients whose age is work. Let us tell you that most patients with heart problems or heart attacks require stents.


Laser angioplasty in India

At present, the interest of doctors in laser angioplasty has increased due to the increase in the incidence of heart attacks in people under the age of 40 years. Laser treatment is available in more than 50 hospitals across the country, but only half a dozen centers in Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai actively use it. Presently the use of laser angioplasty is increasing rapidly in India.


Doctors’ research on laser angioplasty in 2021!

Laser angioplasty came to Mumbai’s Kandy Hospital in 2021 amidst the Covid pandemic. The hospital bought the machine and used it on more than 100 patients. Dr Keerthi Poonamia, Cardiologist, at Kandy Hospital, said that recently a medical research paper has been submitted on the outcome of laser angioplasty of 90 blockages in 75 patients.


Heart attack early symptoms

According to a report published in the journal Circulation, its symptoms start appearing even before the heart attack occurs. More than 500 women were included in the research of journal circulation. 95 percent said the following symptoms appeared in the body a month before their heart attack.

1- 71 percent fatigue
2- 48 percent have sleep-related problems
3- Some women also complained of chest pain.
4- Pressure, pain, or tightness in the chest
5- It has the following other symptoms.

  • sleep problems
  • Indigestion
  • Worry
  • heart palpitations
  • hand weakness/Heavy
  • changes in thinking or memory
  • vision changes
  • loss of appetite
  • tingling in hands and feet
  • difficulty breathing at night


Most common causes of heart attack

The following are the most common causes of heart attacks.

  • Diabetes
  • high cholesterol
  • high bp
  • smoking and excessive alcohol consumption
  • high-fat diet


Heart attack prevention

To avoid a heart attack, eat a healthy, balanced diet and reduce your intake of processed sugary foods. Exercise regularly to keep your body healthy, and control your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. If you are a drinker or smoker, quit them. If you develop symptoms of a heart attack, contact your nearest hospital for immediate medical attention.


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