What are generic medicines why are they cheaperWhat are generic medicines why are they cheaper

Today we will know What are generic medicines why are they cheaper? Many doctors say that if you prescribe expensive medicines to patients in our country, they will happily take them. But if cheap medicines i.e. generic medicines are prescribed, then they feel that the doctor did not see them properly. Doctors say that people do not know the truth about generic medicines. So let’s know the real truth about generic medicines.


Generic medicines in India:

The game of cheap and expensive is clearly visible in the Indian medical field. Branded medicines which are patented medicines are expensive. Whereas generic medicines are cheaper. Many generic drugs are up to 90 percent cheaper than patented drugs. Generic medicines are available at very affordable prices in Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Store. Let us know What are generic medicines why are they cheaper?


What are generic medicines why are they cheaper?

Generic Medicines are called those medicines whose patent has expired, so Generic Medicine does not have its own brand name. Generic Medicine is sold in the market by its salt name. But at present, some companies making generic medicines have also developed their own brand name.

Generic Medicines are very cheap because their patent has expired. The government is also promoting generic medicines. Under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Project, stores of generic medicines are being opened across the country and these medicines are being made available at cheap prices.


Why generic medicines are cheaper?

When the formula for the salt mixture of branded drugs and the period of monopoly granted for its production expires, then that formula becomes public. Generic medicines are made using the same formula and salt. The main reason why generic medicines are affordable is that there is no cost for their research and development. There is no expenditure for the promotion of generic medicines and no special expenditure is made on the packaging of these medicines.


How effective are generic medicines?

Generic medicines are as effective as branded ones if manufactured according to the same standards. Even in quality, generic drugs are similar to branded medicines. Generic drugs have the same effect as branded medicines. Because these medicines also contain the same salt as the medicines of branded companies.


Difference between generic and patented medicines

1- Generic drugs are just like patented or branded drugs.
2- API or raw material of branded companies also comes from the same place where generic medicines come from.
3- Generic drugs are taken in the same dosage as the original drugs.
4- If generic medicines are taken the same way as patented medicines, their effect will be like that of patent or brand medicine.
5- The difference between generic and brand-name medicines is mainly in branding, packaging, taste, and colors.
6- There is also a difference in the marketing strategy of generic and patented medicines.
7- There is a lot of difference in the prices of generic and patented medicines.
8- Generic drugs often have the same or different name than patented drugs.
9- Generic medicines are searched through the salt names.


These generic medicines are very useful!

The Government of India is promoting the rapid spread of generic medicines. The medicines given by Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana are generic only. Packing generic drugs is simple and does not cost much on its promotion, so it is up to 90 percent cheaper than patented drugs. The margin on the sale of medicines to the shopkeepers associated with Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana is also less, so these medicines are very cheap for the customers.


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