MultiPurpose Electric CookerMultiPurpose Electric Cooker

MultiPurpose Electric Cooker: People use cooking gas to cook food. You know that at present the price of cooking gas is skyrocketing. In such a situation, Electric Cooker can prove to be the best option for you. Today we will tell about one such Electric Rice Cooker which will reduce the expenses of your kitchen. So let’s know the complete details of the SOLARA Electric Cool Touch MultiPurpose Cooker and Food Steamer.


Multipurpose Electric Cooker:

Multi-Purpose Electric Cooker suitable for cooking is proving to be very economical. Cooking in these is much easier and safer. Functions like temperature, timer, and pressure control are also available in Electric Cooker. In this, you can make dishes like vegetables, pulses, and biryani from boiling rice, eggs, and potatoes. In this, your food gets cooked 70% faster and the nutrients of the food also remain intact.


Solara Electric Cooker and Food Steamer

This is the best electric pressure cooker that comes with instant cooking. Apart from pressure cooking, you can also do steaming in this Multipurpose Electric Cooker. Different types of cooking can also be done in these. It is equipped with an LCD screen with a digital display. It can also keep food hot for a long time.


Features and specifications Of Electric SOLARA Cooker👈

Its have 7 Preset digital functions and an automatic Keep Warm mode when the cooking is finished making cooking easy for even the novice home chef. Let us know the complete details Of the SOLARA Electric Cooker and Food Steamer including its price, features, and specifications.

SOLARA Electric Rice Cooker Features and specifications
SOLARA Electric Rice Cooker Features and Specifications


Solara Electric Rice Cooker Price:

This is one of the best electric pressure cookers that comes with a one-touch cooking option. The process of cooking food in a Multipurpose Electric Cooker becomes much easier and faster. It also has temperature and timer controls. The M.R.P. of this Electric Cooker. ₹ 5,999 but you can buy it on Amazon at a huge discount of 43% for just ₹ 3,399. By the way, there are many Electric Cookers available on Amazon, whose price starts from ₹ 999*.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is an electric cooker better than a normal cooker?
Answer: Yes, an electric pressure cooker is a great option for faster cooking.

Question: Do electric cookers consume more electricity?
Answer: No, it consumes less power because food is cooked faster in it.

Question: What is the price of the electric cooker on Amazon?
Answer: According to the features and specifications, the price of an Electric Cooker starts from 999* on Amazon.


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