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Rechargeable Mini Cooler: The heat of summer continues. People use many products to avoid the heat. Today it is necessary to have electricity for health due to heat. Without electricity, we cannot run AC, cooler, fridge, etc. That’s why today we will tell you about the Rechargeable Battery Operated Mini Cooler which will continue to run even after a power cut. So let’s know the complete details of the One94Store Rechargeable Battery Operated Mini Cooler.


Rechargeable Mini Cooler

You can use a Rechargeable Mini Cooler to avoid heat. These more excellent fans are helpful to relieve you from the heat. The size is also very small, you can use them in an auto, or taxi as well. The price of the Mini Air Cooler is also meager. This is a very good product for those where there is a problem with electricity. Their battery lasts for hours after a single charge. Know the complete details about the Rechargeable Battery Operated Mini USB Fan Cooler.


One94Store Rechargeable Battery Operated Cooler

One94Store is a well-known brand in the field of Mini Coolers. One such battery is fitted in them. The company claims that this Mini Cooler has 6hrs working time. Its speed is also very good and it is also considered effective in giving sufficient air. Many Mini Air Coolers are available on Amazon in Summer Sale. Which you will get at a huge discount.


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You can buy One94Store Rechargeable Battery Operated Mini USB Fan With Mist Water Spray Mini Cooler from Amazon. At this time, you will also get the option of many offers and discounts on it, which will also be very good for your savings. This product is available on Amazon at the time of writing this article for ₹999 after an 83% discount.


One94Store Rechargeable Cooler Specification:

Know the complete features of the One94Store Battery Operated Mini Cooler.

  • USB Rechargeable
  • Built-in 1500mAh lithium battery
  • C USB charging cable
  • fully charged around 2 hrs
  • wireless working time 2-6hrs
  • 6hrs working time for fan function
  • 2hrs working time for fan + misting + LED night light functions
  • Built-in 2 pcs LED
  • Underwater tank


Features of Battery-Operated Mini Cooler

Battery Operated Mini Cooler purifies and humidifies the air in your room and cools it within minutes. Its design is like a window ac. It is small in size, economical, and gives excellent cooling. You will not feel the heat in its air and you will be comfortable. You can power this Mini Cooler with a USB cable.


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