top 5 best Induction Stoves Cooktop in Indiatop 5 best Induction Stoves Cooktop in India

Top 5 Best Induction Stoves: Due to the increasing prices of cooking gas in the last few years, the demand for induction stoves has increased a lot. Today we will tell about the 5 Best Induction Cooktops with the best and latest features in India, which are available in the market at very affordable prices.


Top 5 Best Induction Stoves

Induction Cooktop is a great and economical cooking device for cooking. Its best thing is that it is much safer than gas and heater and you can cook food by keeping it in the air of a fan or cooler. Let us see the list of more safe and hi-tech Top 5 Best Induction Stoves for cooking. You can use these inductions to make different types of dishes at home.


List of Top 5 Best Induction Cooktops

Today, multiple power options are available in the Indian markets with induction cooktop timer control, which is helpful in making cooking tension free. See below the list of Top 5 Best Induction Stoves with the best and latest features available on Amazon starting at Rs.1499 only.

S.No. Model Name
1 Prestige Iris 1.0 1200 Watt
2 Usha Cookjoy 1600 Watt
3 iBELL 10YO Induction Cooktop
4 Philips Viva Collection HD4928
5 Pigeon Stovekraft Cruise 1800 Watt


1- Prestige Iris 1.0 1200W

The MRP of this Prestige Induction Cooktop is ₹ 3,280 but it is available on Amazon for ₹ 1,599 after a massive 51% discount. This Induction Cooktop is coming with a push button control that can be pressed to stop cooking immediately. In this, you are getting aerodynamic cooling with a strong power of 1900 watts. Cooktops from Prestige are coming with automatic voltage regulators.


2- Usha Cookjoy 1600 Watt

This 1600-watt induction cooktop from Usha comes with a power-efficient heating element. Its pan sensor technology automatically switches off when the utensil is not placed. Fluctuation resistance up to 1500 volts, a 1.2-meter long cord, and 5 preset menus have also been provided in it, which makes it a great Induction stove.


3- iBELL 10YO Induction Cooktop

iBELL 10YO Induction Cooktop has a powerful heating element, which provides fast cooking. In this induction, you are getting multiple cooking options and a timer control function. This is a great induction cooktop that comes with auto shut-off and overheats protection functions. It is currently available on Amazon at a discount of 59%.


4- Philips Viva Collection HD4928

The design style of the Philips Viva Collection HD4928 is stunning. This Cooktops of Philips has an auto-off program that automatically turns it off after cooking. The surface of this Induction Cooktop does not get hot, so it makes cooking safe. This is also available on Amazon at a discount of 46%.


5- Pigeon Stovekraft Cruise 1800 Watt

The price of this premium quality Smart Induction Cooktop starts from Rs.1,399 only on Amazon. , you can use it to make all kinds of Indian dishes like sabzi, dosa, idli, paratha, and tea. Pigeon Stovekraft Cruise is very easy to operate. It gives a stylish and hi-tech look to your kitchen.


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Disclaimer: These products are available on Amazon at the time of writing this article. Their product’s price is also subject to change, so do check on Amazon before buying them.


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