List of the world's fastest-growing economiesList of the world's fastest-growing economies

This is the list of the world’s fastest-growing economies in 2024 and 2025. India’s GDP is expected to grow at a pace of 6.3% this year. This is highest in countries with large economies. But overall India’s GDP is in 3rd place. See the full list!


World’s fastest-growing economies:

Even in the financial years 2024 and 2025, India’s economy is expected to be ahead of all the major countries of the world. But if smaller countries are also included in it, then India’s economy comes third in the world. Yes, the economies of the two countries in the world are expected to grow at a faster rate than India this year. Let us see the complete details.


List of the world’s fastest-growing economies:

India’s GDP is estimated to grow at a pace of 6.3% this year, which is the highest among all major economies. But if small countries are also included in this list, the economy of Macau and Niger is expected to grow at a faster pace than India this year. See here the List of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

  1. Macau’s GDP growth rate: 27.2%
  2. Niger’s GDP growth rate: 11.1%
  3. India’s GDP growth rate: 6.3%
  4. Ethiopia’s GDP growth rate: 6.2%
  5. Bangladesh’s GDP growth rate: 6.0%
  6. Vietnam’s GDP growth rate: 5.8%
  7. Indonesia’s GDP growth rate: 5.0%
  8. Venezuela’s GDP growth rate: 4.5%
  9. China’s GDP growth rate: 4.2%
  10. Kazakhstan’s GDP growth rate: 4.2%
  11. UAE’s GDP growth rate: 4.0%
  12. Saudi Arabia’s GDP growth rate: 4.0%
  13. Romania’s GDP growth rate: 3.8%
  14. Egypt’s GDP growth rate: 3.6%
  15. Ireland’s GDP growth rate: 3.3%
  16. Ukraine’s GDP growth rate: 3.2%
  17. Nigeria’s GDP growth rate: 3.1%
  18. Israel’s GDP growth rate: 3%
  19. Türkiye’s GDP growth rate: 3.0%
  20. Argentina’s GDP growth rate: 2.8%
  21. Iran’s GDP growth rate: 2.5%
  22. Pakistan’s GDP growth rate: 2.5%


Latest GDP News Update:

Let us tell you that last year India was the fastest growing economy among the major economies of the world. All global agencies have given positive ratings to India’s economy. Even this year, when the whole world is struggling with recession, India’s economy is growing rapidly.


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