The name of this exoplanet discovered by scientists for the possibilities of life is Wolf 1069b.

A New planet discovered:

This new planet was discovered by the CARMENES telescope, which is at the Calar Alto Observatory in Spain.

Life is possible on this exoplanet found 31 light years away from Earth. Humans can live on Wolf 1069b.

Scientists from all over the world have discovered more than 5200 exoplanets so far. But only 200 may be habitable.

Investigative scientists have confirmed that Wolf 1069b is revolving around its red dwarf star Wolf 1069.

The Wolf 1069b exoplanet weighs 1.26 times more than Earth and is also 1.08 times bigger than Earth.

In the study of Wolf 1069b, it is clear that life is possible there because there is a possibility of water on this exoplanet.

Wolf 1069b makes one revolution around its star in just 15.6 days, but it is present at a habitable distance from its star.

The star of Wolf 1069b is a red dwarf which is smaller than our Sun and it produces about 65 percent less radiation than the Sun.

The minimum surface temperature of Wolf 1069b is -95.15 °C and the maximum temperature is +12.85 °C.

The average temperature of Wolf 1069b is -40.14 °C. That's why life is possible on this planet even according to the temperature.

The complete study of this new exoplanet Wolf 1069b has recently been published in the Astronomy and Astrophysics Journal.