A new Free Calling Feature is being brought by WhatsApp for its customers.

WhatsApp New Free Calling Feature:

WhatsApp is introducing the Shortcut calling feature. Calling will be easier with this new feature of WhatsApp.

With this new calling shortcut feature of WhatsApp, users will be able to make calls without opening WhatsApp.

With the help of this feature, users will be able to create custom WhatsApp calling shortcuts for calling.

Tech experts believe that calling will become easier after this new update as it will give users access to the contact list.

Let us tell you that this update of WhatsApp will be rolled out through the Google Play Store beta program.

Testing of the WhatsApp Shortcut calling feature continues. The calling feature is being given in the version update.

WhatsApp is also working on an in-app banner feature that will allow users to transfer files up to 2GB.

The number of WhatsApp callers has increased in the last few times. The upcoming feature can prove to be great.