ChatGPT has been launched. Let us know How the ChatGPT app will compete with Google.

OpenAI ChatGPT vs Google:

The market of rumors regarding ChatGPT is hot. It is being said that the launch of ChatGPT will take a break from Google.

ChatGPT is an AI-based search engine platform where users will get answers to their queries accurately.

If you search for any question in ChatGPT, you will not get different websites like Google.

The paid version of ChatGPT has been launched by OpenAI company. Know its full details further.

The company said that the new subscription plan of ChatGPT has been launched for $ 20 per month .

Let us tell you that at present ChatGPT has been launched only in the US in the initial phase.

Tech experts believe that a cheap or free subscription to ChatGPT can be launched in the coming days.

According to the news, like ChatGPT, soon Google can also provide Artificial Intelligence-based searching options.

OpenAI said that the free version of ChatGPT will be available as before, in which not all services will be offered.