Google has introduced its artificial intelligence chatbot, Bard. Know the complete details!

What is Bard AI by Google?

Bard is an artificial intelligence chatbot from Google. People will be able to use this chatbot through conversation.

The new chatbot is based on Google's Language Model for Dialog Applications, which is a lite version of LaMDA.

AI chatbots are designed to provide accurate and factual answers to user questions and find the right information.

Let us tell you that these AI chatbots use the information available on the Internet in the form of a huge database of knowledge.

Further, Bard will be updated for better convenience of the users so that even difficult information can be found in easy language.

Through Google Bard, fresh, high-quality, and accurate information can also be found in Google's chatbot.

Google's Bard has the ability to surf the web in real-time so that it can answer the questions asked like a human being.

ChatGPT can provide only the information that is present in its database than Google. This is the main difference between the two.

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Bard has been introduced only for a few users from the point of view of testing.