Supreme Court Allows $6 Billion Student Loan Forgiveness Funds.

Student Loan Forgiveness Latest Update:

Supreme Court declined to block the student loan settlement worth $6 billion of 200,000 Borrowers.

It could mean $6 billion in student loan forgiveness for more than 200,000 borrowers 

Now The U.S. Department of Education can continue to fulfill Student debt forgiveness of a $6 billion settlement.

Eligible borrowers: 1- Eligible borrowers include those who attended one of 151 schools.

2- those who have filed an application to defend themselves against a borrower before the 22nd of June, 2022.

The Biden administration's broad plan to eliminate the equivalent of $400 billion in student loans is being reviewed by the Supreme Court.

Over 150 schools, mostly for-profit institutions were involved in the settlement. People applauded the justices’ decision.

In the settlement, you will see a list of schools that are involved in the settlement under "Exhibit C."

For more information related to eligibility, definitely read the official statements of the Supreme Court.