Here is the list of the Top 5 Best Energy Mutual Funds in the United States of America. 

Best Energy Mutual Funds:

The energy mutual funds mentioned here primarily invest in companies that trade in energy-related industries.

1- Fidelity® Natural Resources Fund Past Year Return: 8.23% Past 3-Year Return: 45.09% Past 5-Year Return: 8.77% Past Decade Return: 3.25%

2- Cavanal Hill World Energy Fund Past Year Return: 1.25% Past 3-Year Return: 39.51% Past 5-Year Return: 8.45%

3- Vanguard Energy Fund Past Year Return: 7.14% Past 3-Year Return: 22.35% Past 5-Year Return: 0.74% Past Decade Return: 0.45%

4- Hennessy Energy Transition Fund Past Year Return: 3.33% Past 3-Year Return: 59.04% Past 5-Year Return: 4.86%

5- Integrity Mid-North American Res Fd Past Year Return: -3.42% Past 3-Year Return: 34.42% Past 5-Year Return: 0.90% Past Decade Return: -0.64%

Energy portfolios include companies in alternative energy, coal, exploration, oil and gas, pipelines, natural gas, and refineries.

With the rise in crude oil prices to the north, the shares of oil companies are also rising steadily.

The current global equation is the biggest factor in the increase in energy and oil prices around the world.