Learn how to find government-subsidized housing in 2023. Know the complete details.

Complete details of Subsidized Housing:

Under This scheme, the government pays landlords to offer low rents to low-income tenants.

What is subsidized housing?

Each city (county) has its own eligibility criteria for affordable housing.

Eligibility for subsidized housing?

Contact your nearest public housing agency to find out your eligibility for subsidized housing. 

Here are the steps to apply for government-subsidized housing.

How to apply For Subsidized Housing?

Steps 1- Search a participating housing community using the HUD map.

Steps 2- Click on "find affordable housing opportunities near me" to find your current location on the map. 

Steps 3- Now you will see the message "Geolocation disabled". Then click on the "Ok" button.

Each property has its own system for accepting applications. Some housing properties have waiting lists.

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