At present, the whole world is facing an economic crisis, and the UK is also included.

Pizza crisis in the UK Due to Tomato:

The favorite food of the people of the United Kingdom is pizza, which is seeing a shortage all over Britain.

The reason behind the Pizza Crisis in the UK is tomatoes, whose prices have increased four times in the last few days.

Let us tell you that the pizza base is made only with tomatoes. Which has been shorted in the UK.

Due to the shortage of tomatoes, many big companies do not have the mandatory tomato base for pizza.

The price of tomatoes has increased by more than 400 percent in a few days from 5 Euros to 20 Euros.

Many restaurants have said that if the price of tomatoes continues to rise like this, then tomatoes will be taken off the menu.

The National Farmers' Union (NFU) in Britain said bad weather was causing shortages of fresh vegetables such as tomatoes.

The NFU said the reliance on imports is causing fruits and vegetables to disappear from supermarkets.