Tom Cruise is planning for the Space Station to shoot a Movie under his new project.

Tom Cruise New Movie:

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, who has traveled around the world to shoot his films, is now preparing to go to space.

Tom Cruise is planning to go to the International Space Station for his new movie. Here Tom will do a space walk.

If this plan Tom Cruise is successful, then he will be the first actor in the world who will go to the International Space Station.

Universal Pictures chairperson Dam Donna Langley hinted at this in a recent interview with a news agency.

Dam Donna Langley told that she plans to go to the space station to shoot with Tom Cruise on this big project.

Donna told that if everything goes according to plan, then we will soon shoot the scenes of our film in space.

In this movie, Tom will play the character of a man who gets trapped in a situation where only he can save the earth from destruction.

However, Donna also said that it requires a lot of planning and hard work. If all goes well, history can be made.