The report of the Conservative Heritage Foundation think tank stunned the Pentagon.

America Army vs Russia Army

United States of America is the only country that spends the largest part of the country's GDP on its forces.

There has been a report named Index of US Military Strength. Shocking figures have come out in this report.

It has been said in this report that America's military itself is so weak that it cannot face war with Russia.

According to the Index of US Military Strength, the US does not have enough equipment to deal with threats from China and Russia.

The report said that the military has become so weak that it is unable to protect the interests of the country.

According to the report, at present, the US military force is in great danger and it cannot face the challenge of a single regional conflict.

On behalf of the think tank, it has been said that America's army cannot bear two big wars at the same time.

The think tank estimates that among all defense forces, the Marine Corps is the only force that is strong.

The Army has been rated average, the Special Forces and the Navy weak, and the US Air Force very weak.

After seeing the figures of the Index of US Military Strength, US President Joe Biden's blood pressure may increase.