Some Conservative Party MPs are very dissatisfied with him and are demanding his removal.

Liz Truss Latest News:

On 6 September, Liz Truss became the new Prime Minister of Britain, replacing Boris Johnson, defeating Rishi Sunak.

Since Liz Truss became Prime Minister of Britain, discontent has been rising in the party against her.

Political experts believe that Liz Truss may be the shortest-term prime minister in the history of Britain.

Let us tell you that the Conservative Party under its rules cannot remove Liz Truss until the end of her one-year term.

According to UK media reports, some Conservative Party MPs are very dissatisfied with him and want to remove him.

According to the Press Association of Britain, the shortest tenure of the Prime Minister has been that of George Canning.

Experts closely monitoring UK politics believe that Conservative MPs can change the rules to remove the truss from power.

According to reports, several senior ministers of the British government may resign and ask them to step down.

Let us tell you that if Liz Truss takes time to fill the post of a cabinet minister, then she can resign herself.