US space agency NASA's DART mission was a complete success. 

NASA's DART Mission:

One of NASA's collided with an asteroid in space and during this time it was successful in changing its orbit.

US space agency NASA gave this information while announcing the results of the "Save the World" test by the agency.

NASA did this experiment as part of an attempt to change the direction of future deadly asteroids toward Earth.

Let us tell you that there is always a fear of rocks coming from space to destroy humanity on earth.

NASA said that the spacecraft Dart sent by it collided with an asteroid named Dimorphos and changed its direction.

This NASA spacecraft collided with an asteroid at a speed of 22,500 kilometers per hour, about 11 million kilometers away.

After this collision, the scientists of the asteroid's investigation team are continuously measuring the period of the asteroid.

Let us tell you that many millions of years ago, the extinction of dinosaurs took place due to asteroids.

It is expected that through this technology of NASA, any asteroid will be prevented from destruction on Earth.