Mars Latest News:

The biggest discovery ever made on the red planet Mars! Evidence of liquid water was found for the first time!

Scientists are constantly searching for water in space because water is the basis of life on any planet.

During research on Mars, scientists have found a piece of new evidence that indicates that water may exist on Mars.

Evidence of the presence of liquid water on Mars is considered evidence of the existence of life there.

This research on Mars has been led by the University of Cambridge, in which off-radar data has been used.

According to this study by the University of Cambridge, liquid water may exist under the South Polar Ice Cap of Mars.

Dr. Francis Butcher from the University of Sheffield said, 'This study provides the best indication so far of the presence of liquid water on Mars.

Francis said that liquid water is a vital element for life, although this does not mean that life exists on Mars.

After the Moon, now the eyes of scientists are on Mars. Because the evidence of life has been found here before.