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Ola S1 Pro complete details:

OLA company is now also providing Made in India Electric Vehicles. Its three variants have just been launched.

OLA has recently launched its new flagship scooter OLA S1 Pro. Which can prove to be a great scooter in its category.

Fit and finish, timeless design, very clean and simple looking, this scooter will fall in love with you at first sight.

At the front of the OLA S1 Pro, you get an LED headlight with a smiley face, which gives the scooter a unique look.

OLA S1 Pro sports a 7-inch TFT touchscreen display with great resolution and brightness that is quite comfortable to use.

You see 3 riding modes with reverse gear in Ola S1 Pro... 1- Normal mode 2- Sports mode 3- Hyper mode

No physical key is available in Ola's electric scooter. To unlock the scooter, you have to enter a 6-digit password.

Battery Capacity: 3.97 kWh Electric Motor: 8.5kw (11.4bhp) Torque: 58 Nm Top Speed: 115 kmph.

Ola S1 Pro Performance:

Full Charge: Range up to 148 km in 6:30 minutes of charging Fast Charging: Range up to 75 km in 18 minutes of charging

Ola S1 Pro Charging:

Its price in the Indian market: Rs 1.30 lakh Ex-showroom price after subsidy: Rs 1.10 lakh

OLA S1 Pro Price: