Bird Box: Barcelona is the new suspense thriller that triumphs on Netflix. 

Bird Box: Barcelona 

Bird Box: Barcelona is directed by David Pastor and Àlex Pastor, triumphing on Netflix. 

Bird Box: Barcelona is almost two hours long, The film beat The Out-Laws in the top 10 Netflix and is currently in first place.

The world is plagued by a mysterious force that manipulates people's negative emotions, leading them to commit suicide. 


Netflix’s Bird Box: Barcelona starts in a dimly lit skating rink in Barcelona where Sebastian watches his daughter Anna skate. 

Sebastian and Anna are attacked by a group of blind intruders seeking their supplies. 

After the attackers leave, Sebastian and Anna, wearing blindfolds, venture outside into the sunlight.

In Netflix’s Bird Box Sebastian and Anna encounter a group of survivors, and Sebastian expresses his desire to join them.

You can watch the full story ahead by visiting Netflix. Because by revealing the end here, the fun of the film will end.

Netflix’s users managed to make the Spanish title become the most-watched film worldwide just one day after its release. 

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