Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders have become costlier just before Holi.

LPG Cylinder Price Hike:

According to media reports, there has been a big change in the prices of LPG cylinders since March 1.

The price of domestic LPG cylinders has been increased by Rs 50 and that of commercial LPG by Rs 350.

14.2 kg LPG cylinder will now be available in Delhi for Rs 1,103, which seems to be out of reach of common people.

According to reports, a 19.2 kg commercial LPG cylinder will be sold for Rs 2,119.50 in Delhi from today.

Let us tell you that between April 1, 2017, and July 6, 2022, the government changed the prices of LPG 58 times.

The price of LPG cylinders was Rs 723 in April 2017 and is expected to increase by 45 percent to Rs 1,053 by July 2022.

LPG cylinder prices vary from state to state depending on Value Added Tax (VAT) and transportation charges.

The central government had said in Parliament during the budget session that it was ready to give subsidies on cooking gas.