Take your bank work quickly as the banks are going to be closed for 12 days in March.

Bank holidays in March 2023:

There are many festivals including Holi Ram Navami in March. Also, there are 12 holidays on Sunday and the second-fourth Saturday.

March 3 (Friday): Chapchar Kut - Banks will be closed in Mizoram March 5: Banks will be closed on Sunday

March 7 (Tuesday): Holi/Holika Dahan/Dhulandi/Dole Jatra March 8 (Wednesday): Holi/Holi second day March 9 Thursday: (Holi) - Banks are closed in Bihar.

March 11: Second Saturday of the month March 12: Sunday March 19: Sunday

March 22 (Wednesday): Gudi Padwa/Ugadi Festival/Bihar Day/Sajibu Nongmapanba (Cheraoba)/Telugu New Year Day/First Navratri.

March 25: Fourth Sunday March 26: Sunday March 30: Shri Ram Navami

Banks can all be closed on the basis of regional holidays of the state. Regional holidays are given by the state governments.

Even on these holidays, you will be able to handle your work through ATM, Internet, and Mobile Banking.