Know how your money will be doubled in this scheme of Post Office.

Best Post office TD Scheme 2023:

You will get guaranteed returns in post office time deposits where your investment will be doubled.

Let us tell you that post office time deposit is similar to bank FD. It is also called post office FD.

Through Post Office Time Deposit, you can get the amount fixed for 1, 2, 3, and 5 years and can get a good interest.

Interest in Post Office Time Deposit Scheme: On 1-year FD: 6.6%, On 2-year FD: 6.8%, On 3-year FD: 6.9% On 5-year FD: 7%

Interest is paid on an annual basis in the post office time deposit and is calculated on a quarterly basis.

Apart from the principal, you are also given interest on interest in the time deposit of the post office.

Your amount will be doubled on deposit for 10 years (5+5) in the post office time deposit scheme.

The longer you invest in post office FD, the better you will be able to take advantage of compounding.