ISRO has set a target of building India's own space station, see full details.

Indian space station:

Now ISRO has made two more big goals. 1- First to build our own space station 2- To send humans to the moon

A space station is an artificial structure built by scientists and sent into Earth's orbit.

At present, there are only two space stations in space. The first is from NASA and the second is from China.

The name of NASA's space station is International Space Station and the name of China's space station is Tiangong Space Station.

Let us tell you that astronauts can stay in Earth's orbit for a long time in the space station.

In a high-level review meeting of PM Modi with ISRO scientists, the target of India's own space station by 2035 was set.

ISRO scientists said that they have set a target of sending the first Indian man to the Moon in 2040.

Let us tell you that recently India became the fourth country to go to the Moon and the first country to go to the South Pole.

Scientists have found a planet outside our solar system that is completely made of iron. see full details.