Learn the complete steps to file your federal income tax return in 2023.

How to file Federal Tax Return?

First, you'll need forms and receipts for money earned and tax-deductible expenses paid.

Step 1- Income and expenses

It is based on whether you are married or not. The percentage paid for household expenses also affects filing status.

Step 2- Choose the filing status

Use tax preparation software to e-file for the easiest and most accurate return.

Step 3- How do you want to file your taxes?

Determine whether you are taking the standard deduction or itemizing the return.

Step 4- Standard deduction or return.

Learn how to pay taxes including applying for a payment plan if you owe money.

Step 5- Learn how to pay taxes

File your Federal Income Tax Return by the filing deadline and avoid the late fine.

Step 6 - Deadline

You Need Your Social Security or taxpayer ID number to check Your filing status. it's updated once a day, overnight.

Step 7- Check Your Refund

For the fastest information Contact the IRS for help filing your tax returns online. You can also call the IRS.

Step 8- IRS for help

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