The complete process of applying for the Housing Choice Voucher program Section 8.

Housing Choice Voucher Program Section 8:

1- To apply for a Housing Choice voucher, contact the local housing authority in the state you reside in.

2-  You'll have to fill out a formal application, or have a representative of the local public housing agency assist you.

3-  Public housing agency representative will gather information about your income, assets, and family size.  

4- The PHA will check the information with other local authorities, and employers along with your banking institution.

5- This help PHA determine if you're eligible for Housing Choice Voucher and how much you'll receive.

6- The home you select must meet health and safety standards prior to the PHA can approve the property.

7- The amount you can receive is adapted so that you can find a rental that is affordable in your local region.

8- After you've been approved the public housing agency will inspect the rental before you sign your lease. 

Let us tell you that The purpose of these inspections is so the PHA can ensure that the property is worth the rent.

For more assistance visit "" or contact to the local housing authority office.