Donald Trump's FB and Youtube accounts were restored before the Presidential Election.

Donald Trump Latest News: 

Sanctions on Donald Trump's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts have been lifted.

Former US President Donald Trump has returned to Facebook after a ban of more than two years.

Weeks after former President Donald Trump restored his Facebook account, he wrote on the site, 'I'm back!

Donald Trump also shared a video clip on Facebook saying, 'I'm sorry for making me wait so long.

Earlier, YouTube had announced on Friday that it was lifting the ban imposed on Donald Trump's channel.

Let us tell you that on February 9, Meta lifted the ban imposed on Trump on the use of Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter restored Donald Trump's Twitter account shortly after Elon Musk took over the reins of the company last year.

Donald Trump launched 'Truth Social' after his account was suspended by major social media companies.

Even today, former President Donald Trump is sharing posts on his own social media platform 'Truth Social'.