Europe's largest bank Credit Suisse is facing a bankruptcy crisis.

Credit Suisse bank latest news:

After America's Silicon Valley Bank, now Europe's Credit Suisse Bank is also on the verge of bankruptcy.

If banking experts are to be believed, the global banking crisis may deepen further in the near future.

Credit Suisse shares continue to slide heavily. Shares of Credit Suisse Bank fell up to 25 percent in one day.

Shares of Credit Suisse of Switzerland reached a record low on Wednesday morning.

Trading in the stock of Credit Suisse Bank was halted several times by the stock exchange on Wednesday.

Credit Suisse's stock fell as much as 20 percent due to an unexpected increase in volume.

Let us tell you that the shares of Credit Suisse fell below 2 Swiss currencies for the first time on Wednesday morning.

The Saudi National Bank is currently the largest investor in Credit Suisse, with 9.9 percent shares.

The president of the Saudi National Bank said that the extra liquid debt his bank would no longer be able to put into Credit Suisse.

Last month Credit Suisse reported its biggest annual loss since the 2008 global financial crisis.

Britain's FTSE 100 stock index fell to its lowest level since last December as Credit Suisse shares fell.