There is a substantial increase in the demand for Foldable iPhones all over the world.

Apple New Foldable iPhone Launched:

At present, foldable smartphones of Samsung and Motorola brands are already present in the global markets.

Apple fans are present all over the world. iPhone users were waiting for the foldable iPhone for a long time.

Now Apple's Foldable iPhone has been introduced. Although this is a custom-made Apple Foldable phone.

The apple foldable iPhone is currently introduced in China. It is being said that this is the world's first foldable phone.

Let us tell you that this foldable iPhone has not been introduced by the Apple brand. It is made by some engineers in China.

This is a custom-made foldable iPhone. Which is made by some engineers by mixing the parts of iPhone 13.

The features of the iPhone 13 have been given in this new foldable iPhone. Also, Motorola's hinge has been used in it.

Let us tell you that it has taken about a year to make this foldable iPhone. It has also been successfully tested.

This foldable iPhone has a 1000mAh battery with USB-C port charging. Wireless charging has been removed in this.

The foldable iPhone has all the features of the iPhone 13. Its touch function is excellent and is working very well.

Let us tell you that the Foldable iPhone is just a prototype model. There is no official information about its launch.