If we pay attention to Ayurveda, then we can fight against the toxic winds caused by pollution.

Ayurvedic Decoction:

Today the level of Air Pollution is increasing day by day. The whole world is in the grip of toxic winds.

Air pollution is causing problems in the lungs of people. Due to this, the health of the people is deteriorating.

If we take some time out and pay attention to Ayurveda, then pollution can be fought in such a situation.

Ayurveda doctors are advising people to drink Ayurvedic decoction to avoid pollution. This decoction is very useful.

This Ayurvedic decoction contains Vanshlochan, which is rich in calcium. There is also a bronchus in it.

Liquorice is also used in this decoction, which eliminates throat infection and does not allow mucus to accumulate.

Basil is also used in this, which acts as an antioxidant. Cinnamon is also used in decoction which is helpful in thinning the blood.

Giloy is also used in this Ayurvedic decoction. Giloy acts as an immunity booster for the body.

Cardamom and Peepli are also used in this decoction. Peepli is a sedative of pitta and cuts phlegm.

The specialty of this Ayurvedic decoction is that it does not allow phlegm in cold weather and strengthens the lungs.

Drinking this decoction does not cause acidity. Because it does not contain dry ginger and black pepper which makes gas in the body.

To make this decoction, take two hundred and fifty milligrams of cinnamon, and two hundred and fifty milligrams of lemongrass.

Along with this, take 500-500 mg of cardamom Liquorice and vanshlochan, apart from this, take 1-1 mg of Pipli basil and Giloy.

Make a powder by grinding all these ingredients mentioned here and filling it in a box and keeping it in a dry place.

Now take two cups of water, add one spoon of this decoction powder to it, heat it and filter it and consume it.

According to Ayurvedic doctors, drinking this decoction will not cause throat infection and your lungs will also be strong.