Making Daylight Saving Time Permanent!

The U.S. is seriously considering making daylight saving time permanent.

This move to Making Daylight Saving Time Permanent would likely be popular. But history suggests that opinion might not last.

In October 2021 The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research conducted a poll to making Daylight Saving Time Permanent.

About three-quarters of Americans recently said they would prefer not switching back and forth between between standard and daylight saving time.

Experts lament that changing clocks can have wide-ranging negative consequences, from sleep disturbances to temporary disturbances.

What is  Daylight Saving Time?

Know the Interesting facts behind starting the Daylight Saving Time tradition. 

In the US, the clock is moved forward one hour on the second Sunday of March and then back one hour on the first Sunday of November.

In America, the process of raising and lowering the hand of the clock every year is called Daylight Saving Time (DST)

The main objective of introducing this system was to make maximum use of daylight. This is the reason why this tradition is being followed since the 19th century.

Apart from America, in Germany, Britain, France, this is done on the last Sunday of March and the clock is turned back on the last Sunday of October.