Top 5 Stocks to Watch Today

Despite the fall in the stock market, some stocks saw a good recovery. If experts are to be believed, then these stocks are likely to remain bullish even further.

For the past few days, stocks of sectors like banks, pharma, FMCG and NBFC saw the most pressure in the stock market.

But at the close of the stock market, there were some stocks which registered a great recovery from their day's low.

Today Stocks to Watch with complete details

1- FINEORG Mkt cap: 12.65TCr P/E ratio: 86.06 Div yield: 0.15% 52-wk high: 4,178.25 52-wk low: 2,127.15

2- JYOTHYLAB Mkt cap: 5.13TCr P/E ratio: 33.60 Div yield: 2.85% 52-wk high: 187.30 52-wk low: 133.70

3- MUTHOOTFIN Mkt cap: 57.10TCr P/E ratio: 14.26 Div yield: 1.41% 52-wk high: 1,721.95 52-wk low: 1,121.00

4- NIACL Mkt cap: 22.36TCr P/E ratio: 22.58 52-wk high: 197.00 52-wk low: 130.30

5- VARROC Mkt cap: 6.40TCr P/E ratio: – Div yield: – 52-wk high: 477.65 52-wk low: 260.00