These are the List of the Top 5 most expensive stocks in India, knowing the price of which you will be surprised.

Most expensive stocks in India:

Last week, the Indian stock market closed at a new all-time high, which led to an increase in the prices of many stocks.

The market cap record of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) listed companies reached Rs 292.78 lakh crore.

Tire maker MRF has become the first company in the country whose share price has crossed Rs 1 lakh mark.

MRF scrip closed at Rs.99892, while it crossed the Rs.1 lakh mark to reach Rs.100695 during the intraday.

List of top 5 companies in India based on stock price which is most expensive.

List of most expensive stocks in India:

Current Price: 99,780.00 Mkt cap: 42.45TCr P/E ratio: 55.03 52-wk high: 1,00,849.60 52-wk low: 65,878.35

1- MRF Ltd

Current Price: 42,100.00 Mkt cap: 37.18TCr P/E ratio: 84.98 52-wk high: 44,347.15 52-wk low: 32,150.00

2- Honeywell Automation

Current Price: 38,600.00 Mkt cap: 43.02TCr P/E ratio: 75.37 52-wk high: 54,349.10 52-wk low: 34,952.65

3- Page Industries

Current Price: 27,850 Mkt cap: 31.46TCr P/E ratio: 69.56 52-wk high: 28,500.00 52-wk low: 19,411.00

4- MMM India

Current Price: 26,152.00 Mkt cap: 94.58TCr P/E ratio: 74.26 52-wk high: 27,049.00 52-wk low: 17,865.20

5- Shree Cement

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