Top 10 Sensex companies:

Today you will know the list of top 10 Sensex companies according to market capitalization.

1- Reliance Industries:  Last week, the valuation of Reliance rose by Rs 3,962.45 crore to Rs 16,97,208.18 crore.

2- TCS:  Last week, the market valuation of TCS increased by Rs 47,494.49 crore to Rs 12,07,779.68 crore.

3- HDFC Bank:  The market position of HDFC Bank increased by Rs 23,481.09 crore to Rs 7,97,251.18 crore last week.

4- Infosys:  Last week, the market valuation of Infosys rose by Rs 18,219 crore to Rs 6,52,012.91 crore.

5- Hindustan Unilever:  There was a loss of Rs 810.61 crore in the market valuation of Hindustan Unilever last week.

6- ICICI Bank:  The market capitalization of ICICI Bank increased by Rs 12,873.62 crore to 5,69,400.43 crore last week.

7- SBI:  Last week the market capitalization of State Bank of India increased by Rs 12,940.69 crore to Rs 4,71,397.99 crore.

8- Bajaj Finance:  The market capitalization of Bajaj Finance increased by Rs 57,673.19 crore to Rs 4,36,447.88 crore last week.

9- HDFC:  Its market capitalization increased by Rs 14,978.42 crore to Rs 4,31,679.65 crore last week.

10- LIC:  Last week, the market capitalization of LIC fell by Rs 7,020.75 crore to Rs 4,28,739.97 crore.

Last week, the 30-share Sensex of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) was up by 1,498.02 points or 2.67 percent.